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Girl, Stolen

Take a teenage boy who’s only hope in life is to please his angry father, an Escalade with the keys left in the ignition, a teen girl asleep in the backseat, and what starts out as a simple car theft becomes a kidnapping.

girl_stolen_cover.jpgGirl, Stolen (Henry Holt & Company, 2010) by April Henry is told in alternate viewpoints of sixteen-year-old Cheyenne, who has pneumonia, and Griffin, who accidentally stole her. Cheyenne is a very strong heroine, who has a big handicap in a self-rescue scenario–she’s blind!

April Henry is the author of other mysteries which I am checking out. Go to her website where you’ll find out fun things like… being published in a magazine when she was twelve… You’ll have to read the details there.

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The Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin

Humor, Attitude, and Murder!

hamburger halpinThe Dark Days of Hamburger Halpin (Knopf Books for Young Readers, 2010) by Josh Berk mixes in those 3 elements plus history, a new friend and hot girls!
Will Halpin has left his girlfriend and the deaf school behind as he doesn’t want to take sides in the deaf fight. He’s a good lip reader so starts at a mainstream school at Carbon High. There in a history book, he discovers a relative’s death in the town coal mine. But that’s not the murder Will needs to solve.
This debut novel has received starred reviews from Kirkus. Josh Berk has another comedy/mystery coming out next year. I’m looking forward to it!
Read more about Josh at his website, where you can learn what inspired Dark Days and enjoy more of Josh’s sense of humor.

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The Postcard


What kid hasn’t wanted to find something mysterious and solve the mystery? Jason in The Postcard (Little, Brown 2008) by Tony Abbott has just that opportunity. His grandmother, whom he’s never met, has died and Jason has to go to Florida to help his father. Jason not only solves the mystery of the hidden postcard, but understands more about what is going on in his own family in this story.

Read more about this award winning author at his website: Here’s also an interview with him.