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Wild Things

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

wildthings.jpgThe title of the book Wild Things (Boyd’s Mills Press, 2009) by Clay Carmichael fits in so many ways: a wild main character, a wild cat, and other things you’ll have to read to discover yourself.
11-year-old Zoe has basically raised herself, but now she’s been sent to live with her Uncle Henry, whom she’s never met. She expects him to fail her as everyone in her life has done before, including her now deceased mother and all her various boyfriends. Henry doesn’t believe her when she tells him there’s a cat hanging around his place, but not only is Zoe right about him, but she senses the presence of others, too. And the cat knows more than he can tell. I love how the cat and girl viewpoints work together to tell the story.
Don’t miss the “Story Behind the Story” on the author’s website. And, take note, the author illustrated the cover herself, plus did the drawings inside the book!

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