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Tuesdays at the Castle

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday
tuesdays-at-the-castle.jpgTuesdays at the Castle (Bloomsbury, 2011) by Jessica Day George is the first book in a series about a castle that changes on it’s own. Unwelcome visitors end up in bare rooms that move far away from the throne room and welcome visitors in luxurious rooms that move into desirable locations. Rooms change size, too. And when the King and Queen disappear, the castle helps the Prince and Princesses defend themselves against those who want to take over.
The opening lines (and the cover) show the sense of fun in this book: “Whenever Castle Glower became bored, it would grow a new room or two.” Here’s what the author has to say about how she came to write the book: It has been published in the UK and in French in Canada.
The sequel, Wednesdays in the Tower, came out in 2013. It also has been published in the UK, in French Canada and in Spain.
In 2014, Thursdays with the Crown came out and finished up where book two left off.
Coming in February 2016 is book four: Fridays with the Wizards! (Cover reveal here.) I need to catch up my reading before then.
All four books were illustrated by David Hohn. See more of his work here.
But, wait! Jessica has more books! See them all on her site.

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I am a Genius of Unspeakable Evil and I want to be your Class President

genius.jpgHow can you resist this title?

I am a GENIUS of UNSPEAKABLE EVIL and I want to be your CLASS PRESIDENT (Razorbill, 2009) by Josh Lieb is as funny as the title. It’s also a story of revenge, manipulation, and sadness, although the main character, 7th grader Oliver Watson, would never admit to the last. The former two, yes. Winning, yes. Oliver is rich and as the title says–a genius, although he works very hard to keep both facts under wraps.
I kept reading snippets of this story aloud to my husband as they HAD to be shared. The text is embellished with pictures Oliver wants you to see, but only those as he is in control!
Read about author Josh Lieb, his day job, and the writing of this book at: