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SteelheartSteelheart (Delacorte Press, 2013) by Brandon Sanderson is the first book of the Reckoners trilogy. In this world there are people with superpowers, but they aren’t superheroes, instead they are evil. Ordinary people call them Epics.
David saw the evil firsthand when he was a child. The all powerful Steelheart came to take over the city and bring all other Epics under his control. In the process Steelheart heartlessly kills David’s father right in front of him. David will never forget.
Now a teen, David has been studying Epics and a hidden group of people called the Reckoners who are fighting back. David wants to join them and help take out Steelheart.
FirefightThe second book is Firefight and the last one Calamity. There’s also a novelella set between books one and two called Mitosis. I’ll need to check them out, too.
Read about the author here and all of his other books here.

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Grace and Fury

graceandfury.pngGrace and Fury (Little, Brown and Company, 2018) by Tracy Banghart is a tale of two sisters who got the opposite of what they expected. And each have to survive the world she’s suddenly been thrust into.
Serina, due to her beauty, has been trained all her life to be a Grace–a companion to the Heir. If she’s successful in winning his favor, it will benefit her whole family.
Nomi has done the work around the family and is rebellious. She doesn’t think young women should become Graces. But to support her sister, she goes with her to the Superior’s city.
In a twist of fate, handmaiden Nomi is selected by the Heir and Serina is the one presumed guilty of Nomi’s secret.
This is the first book in a duology. The sequel comes out in summer of 2019. See the cool cover to the right and below!queenofruin.jpg
Be sure to read the author’s bio–very interesting!

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The Lying Planet

LyingPlanetThe Lying Planet (Entangled Publishing, 2016) by Carol Riggs got buried in my TBR pile, which really was a shame as I enjoyed this sci-fi novel very much.
Jay Lawton can’t wait to move out of Sanctuary, one of the colonies in a safe zone, when he graduates on his birthday. He’s sure he and his girlfriend, Aubrie, will test well and both go to Promise City. He’s hoping he might earn a cloudskimmer. Then the two can be free of parental supervision and explore the planet. The genomide poisoned body of the banished Mick Garinger is just a reminder to keep doing well with studies, community service, and work in this post-war life on the planet Liberty.
But one night Jay forgets his evening pill and stumbles on a heart-stopping truth–the adults are not who they say they are! Aubrie won’t believe him, but other friends do. Now instead of wanting to get the highest score out of the Testing Machine, Jay and the others need to do what they can for a low score and get banished. Plus they need to convince the other seventeen-year-olds, especially Aubie, of their impending danger.
You can read chapter one here and find out more about Carol’s other books here.
I’m not sure I could handle this story in movie form…

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SanctuarySanctuary (Simon Pulse, 2018) by Caryn Lix is one of those stories that if they make into a movie, I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch on the big screen. And *Shudder* I don’t want to reveal why.
Kenzie and her family live in Sanctuary, a prison space station for teen super-criminals. In fact, Kenzie is a part-time junior guard in training and her mother is the commander of the facility. Kenzie feels she has to prove herself to the other guards–favoritism and all that–but she’s a bit more concerned about the news her parents just dropped on her. So she’s a little tense when a drill hits that seems over-the-top, even for an AI like Sanctuary.
With Dad gone, the others off station, it’s just Mom and Kenzie. They should be able to handle anything. But when Kenzie is taken hostage by the prisoners on level 5, she discovers her mother’s loyalty is to the corporation Ominstellar over her own daughter’s life. And Kenzie understands. Mostly.
The situation worsens from there.
Let’s just say creatures in outer space.
I reached a point where I couldn’t stop reading.
This is the author’s debut novel that came out in July. Read about Caryn here.

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Warcross_finalI loved Warcross (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2017) by Marie Lu and am thrilled there’s a sequel coming soon.
Emika Chen is a hacker and bounty hunter who is down on her luck. Frustrated she hacks into the International Warcross Championship and is seen! Instead of being arrested, she’s contacted by her idol Hideo Tanaka, the creator of Warcross. He flies her from NY to Tokyo where he asks her to be a spy in the tournaments of this popular virtual reality video game. Emika is in even before she sees the promised bounty.
Fun, action, danger, and even romance is in this near future sci-fi that moves rapidiy. I did not want to put this thriller down. And what a shocker ending!
Wildcard, comes out in September! (Love that cover! I know. I’m gushing. But you don’t want to miss this duology.)

Read about Marie Lu’s other books here.

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