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The Lying Planet

LyingPlanetThe Lying Planet (Entangled Publishing, 2016) by Carol Riggs got buried in my TBR pile, which really was a shame as I enjoyed this sci-fi novel very much.
Jay Lawton can’t wait to move out of Sanctuary, one of the colonies in a safe zone, when he graduates on his birthday. He’s sure he and his girlfriend, Aubrie, will test well and both go to Promise City. He’s hoping he might earn a cloudskimmer. Then the two can be free of parental supervision and explore the planet. The genomide poisoned body of the banished Mick Garinger is just a reminder to keep doing well with studies, community service, and work in this post-war life on the planet Liberty.
But one night Jay forgets his evening pill and stumbles on a heart-stopping truth–the adults are not who they say they are! Aubrie won’t believe him, but other friends do. Now instead of wanting to get the highest score out of the Testing Machine, Jay and the others need to do what they can for a low score and get banished. Plus they need to convince the other seventeen-year-olds, especially Aubie, of their impending danger.
You can read chapter one here and find out more about Carol’s other books here.
I’m not sure I could handle this story in movie form…

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insignia.jpgInsignia (Katherine Tegen Books, 2012) by S.J. Kincaid has the flavor of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.
Teen Tom Raines doesn’t know what a real family is like. He and his father flit from place to place depending on whether his dad still has money from gambling or not. That’s why Tom has taken on gambling himself with virtual reality games–he likes having food to eat and a nice place to sleep.
But someone has been watching. Tom is recruited for the military in the new way of fighting–virtually. He loves his new life, however, it’s not sure who will mess it up first, Tom, his father, or his stepfather.
This book is the first in a trilogy. I’ve ordered the second book, Vortex, and am sure I’ll read the third, Catalyst, after that.
You can see my recommendation of the author’s book The Diabolic here. It’s what got me looking at the S.J. Kincaid’s other books. Her website is here.

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Defy the Stars

defythestars.jpgDefy the Stars (Little, Brown and Company, 2017) by Claudia Gray is a fascinating book. I want to say it’s about artificial intelligence, but it is so much more.
Seventeen-year-old Noemi knows she’ll die in three weeks. One of the teen and young adult soldiers ready to go on a suicide mission, her sacrifice will help give the planet Genesis time. And at least she can save her best friend/almost sister Esther. Their enemy has better ships and a robot army. The mechs aren’t afraid to die. Noemi wonders, “How evil do you have to be to kill another world’s people and risk none of your own?”
Abel is a mech (robot model) trapped in a marooned enemy ship on Genesis for almost thirty years. His one overriding desire is to get back to his creator, his father. But he’s also tired of being alone.
These two enemies meet and end up having to work together.
I enjoyed all the twists and turns in the story. This book is the first in the Constellation series. I look forward to more.
Author Claudia Gray has written many more books including some Star Wars novels! Here’s her website where you can see her other titles, find out that she chose her name, and more.