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To Catch a Killer

To Catch a Killer (Tor Teen, 2017) by Sheryl Scarborough is one of those compelling hard to put down books.

The story opens with seventeen-year-old Erin in the back of a police car pulling into the police station. Someone has killed her biology teacher and Erin found her. She’s here to give her statement. But once they learn Erin’s full name there’s concern whether this could have anything to do with her mother’s murder thirteen years ago. It can’t possibly, right?

Rachel, Erin’s guardian and her mom’s best friend, doesn’t talk about that time or even about Erin’s mother. Or who Erin’s father could be. The biology teacher was helping Erin narrow her potential fathers down with DNA. Her last words to Erin were “be careful.” Turns out Erin’s crush, Journey Michaels, was also being helped by Miss P. Even though they’ve never spoken before, the two band together to solve both crimes.

The novel is full of forensic facts–Erin’s been reading her Uncle’s books (he’s an FBI agent), suspense, secrets, betrayal, and danger. I’m excited to learn the book has a sequel.

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