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Who Killed Christopher Goodman?

WhoKilledCGWho Killed Christopher Goodman? (Candlewick Press, 2017) by Allan Wolf is a story based on a true crime. This YA historical novel, set in 1979, is inspired by the an event in the author’s past. The story is told in multiple viewpoints, including the killer’s.
Everyone likes teenager Christopher Goodman, even if he is kinda weird. But that’s what makes his murder even more shocking.
The characters whose voices we hear are Doc Chestnut–The Sleepwalker, Leonard Pelf–The Runaway, Squib Kaplan–The Genius, Hunger McCoy–the Good Ol’ Boy, Hazel Turner–the Farm Girl, and Mildred Penny–the Stamp Collector. They are all participating in the Deadwood Days street festival which everyone attends for some summer excitement.
It’s a story of broken and repaired friendships, love, hatred, revenge, hard work, and more.
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