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Bob and Joss Get Lost!

Perfect Picture Book Friday
Bob&JossGetLost!Bob and Joss Get Lost! (HarperCollins, 2017) by Peter McCleery and illustrated by Vin Vogel is another hilarious book where the reader gets to be smarter than the book characters.
Here’s the opening:
“I’m bored,” Bob said, “Let’s do something.”
“Let’s take a boat trip,” said Joss.
“We will get lost,” said Bob.
We won’t get lost,” said Joss.

Famous last words! And fun twists as you go along on the journey with them.
This is Peter’s debut picture book–I hope we see many more. Read more about Peter on his website where you’ll get more tastes of his humor.
Vin Vogel is an author as well as an illustrator. His humor matches up with Peter’s. Read more about Vin and his work, especially the Yeti books, here.