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The Rules for Disappearing

TheRulesforDisappearingThe Rules for Disappearing (Hyperion, 2013 ) by Ashley Elston grabbed me and held on till the very end. Look at the opening lines to see how quickly I was hooked: “What do you want your name to be this time? We have about thirty minutes.”
Meg’s family is in Witness Protection and she’s determined to find out what her father did to put them there. After 6 moves, her little sister is not doing well and neither is their mom; Meg feels like she can’t do it again either. She sets up rules for herself, but finds it incredibly hard to stick to them. Especially with Ethan.
I zipped through this book in 2 evenings and just found out there is a sequel! It’s called The Rules for Breaking. Must get this book!RULESforBreaking
Don’t you love these covers?
Read more about author Ashley Elston here–especially take note of her other jobs and where she lives. It’ll give you some insight to at least one character in the first book.