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Invisible i – The Amanda Project

invisible iInvisible i – The Amanda Project (HarperTeen, 2009) by Melissa Kantor is an intriguing book with a plus–it has a website,, where fans can interact. And, I’m happy to say, the book has a sequel in the works.
Here’s a brief introduction to the story:
9th grader Callie has problems at home and keeps thinking about how Amanda knows what those problems are. When she gets called into the office, she expects to see her dad. Instead the principal has two other students, Nia Rivera and Hal Bennett, and he accuses the three of them of helping Amanda vandalize his car. They barely know each other. But they all know Amanda and now she is missing.
Check out the author’s fun website at There you can read the first chapter of this book, sign up for Melissa’s newsletter, read about her other books, friend her on facebook and more.

The Amanda Project has been sold to 9 countries! Is that cool, or what?! Read about it here!