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Sorrow’s Knot

sorrowsknot.jpgSorrow’s Knot (Arthur A. Levine Books, 2013) by Erin Bow is one of the those books I really enjoyed reading, but don’t want to see it as a movie–it’d be too creepy. 🙂 Probably because the world and its magic are so very believable. The flavor of the book reminds me of Carrie Ryan’s The Forest of Hands and Teeth.
Sorrow’s Knot is the story of 3 young people amongst the Shadow People–Otter and her close friends. Kestral will be a ranger and Cricket wants to be a storyteller. Otter knows she will be a binder, yet now her mother won’t teach her how to handle her power. There have been hints that Willow and her power are not as they should be, but this and what else is coming is so much worse than anything Otter or the others imagined. Will their village survive if the wards fail and the dead get in? Especially since there is a White Hand in the forest?
The book was a Kirkus Best Book of 2013 and a Winner of the 2014 Monica Hughes Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy.
Read about the author on her site, where you’ll discover she once was a physicist and now lives in Canada.