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The Dangerous Days of Daniel X

danielXI recently discovered The Dangerous Days of Daniel X (Little, Brown and Company, 2008) by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. It reminds me of Men in Black except the aliens are dangerous and must be destroyed. Especially the ones who assassinated young Daniel’s parents. Yet Daniel, the Alien Hunter, himself is an alien, who has special powers.
danielXTwoThe next book in the series is Daniel X: Watch the Skies by James Patterson and Ned Rust. I plan to read it soon. Then I’ll follow up with the third book, Daniel X: Demons and Druids by James Patterson and Adam Sadler.

James Patterson has a site called ReadKiddoRead to encourage kids to become readers for life. The site includes these categories:
– Illustrated Books
– Transitional Books
– Pageturners
– Advanced Reads
and also offers many other resources.
Read more about co-authors Michael Ledwidge, Ned Rust, and Adam Sadler on these sites.

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Mackenzie Blue

mackenzie blue 017th Grade – no laughing matter

Unless you’re getting to read about it! Yesterday, I got caught laughing out loud in a waiting room as I finished reading Mackenzie Blue by Tina Wells (HarperCollins, 2009). I laughed so often that others commented that I must be reading a good book.
Mackenzie’s got the common fear of starting 7th grade, plus her BFF has moved away. Jasper–recently moved from England–is her friend, but she’s supposed to be helping him. Of course, there’s a mean girl . . . or is she? A crush interest. A new teacher whom Zee likes, but someone’s trying to get fired. Mix in embarrassing events (I’m not just talking parents), a lost diary, a rock band, a Teen Sing competition, and life is pretty much hopping at Brookdale Academy.
thesecretcrush.jpgBut wait, when you get done with the book, you don’t have to leave Mackenzie Blue’s life. Next up is The Secret Crush (2010). Science projects, homework, parties, and best yet a Rock and Roll Musical that is more important to Zee than anything. Well, except her relationship with her BFF (why can’t Ally be here to help her out?) and the confusion about one certain boy, complicated by two new kids joining the music class, and a note from a secret admirer.
Just out is Friends Forever? What could be better than a week at camp with allfriendsforever.jpg your friends? Well, not having to worry about bugs and wild animals and weird bathrooms . . . or the mysterious MOUNTAIN MAN! And how come Mackenzie’s friends are arguing? What’s a girl to do?!
I’m still smiling from reading these two books this afternoon–yes, I’ll confess, I read them straight through one after the other. Looking forward to the next book scheduled to come out in December, as well.
You also won’t want to miss the Mackenzie Blue website where you can check out Kathi’s closet, take a quiz to see which character you are, see the lost diary, get green tips from Jasper and money tips from Marcus. Oh, and you can even read about the author, Tina Wells!