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Ouch! Thin Skin!

Authoress2Guest post by Authoress
Excerpts* from her Miss Snark’s Next Victim blog on April 23rd:

Lots of people in this business won’t mince their words. If it’s something you’re not used to, it’s time to get used to it.
It doesn’t mean you suck.
It doesn’t mean you should give up.
It doesn’t mean the universe is ending.
What it means is: Some people won’t mince their words. That is all. You may be expecting something other than what you receive. You may feel stunned or numb or flabbergasted when you read someone’s response to your work–especially if that “someone” is an agent or editor with whom you were hoping to find some level of favor.
Welcome to the World of Showing People What You’ve Written.
It’s not fun. It’s not something that most of us can get used to overnight. But the Thick Skin is an important part of our journey, so if you haven’t started growing yours yet, now’s the time.
I don’t have a big magenta eraser for editing less-than-tactful critiques and comments. I may not like them, but they are a reality for us as writers.
fisherman-2576631_640We need to reel them in with the rest of the fish, and cast them away if they don’t serve a purpose. Interestingly, often they do serve a purpose–if only to teach us to rise above our emotions and keep pressing on.

*photo above and text used by permission

Isn’t that well said? I especially love the line about reeling those comments in with the rest of the fish.
I’d like to add this quote by another writer, Julia Sorel: “If you’re never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances.” So take the chances that come your way, sort through the fish that are caught, and keep the ones that improve your writing. (Remember, they may not be the easy ones.)