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Tell Me A Secret

tell me a secTell Me A Secret (Harper Teen, 2010) by Holly Cupala is a memorable story about choices. Rand (Miranda) doesn’t know exactly how her bad-girl sister died 5 years ago. Mom disappeared into “drama and the prayer chain” and “Dad into his construction business.” But, of course, when she gets in trouble, her mother thinks she should have learned something “after all we went through with Xanda.” Like Rand knows what happened then.
This was author Holly Cupala’s first book, which has now been turned into an audio book, too.
don't breathe a wordHer second book, Don’t Breathe a Word, came out this month and is getting great reviews. You’ll want to check out the secrets behind the stories on Holly’s site.
Holly has also been a Readergirlz Diva. (This is a great site for teen girl readers.)

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Book of a Thousand Days

Seems as if I go through spells where I don’t find books I care to blog about. And, of course, there are those times where I’m not reading as much kid’s lit as I’d like. But recently, I’ve been back on track and reading and have found some great books.
Here’s the first one I want to share. (I’m making my husband read it and know my daughter will want to read it. And I have to own my own

b1000days.jpgBook of a Thousand Days (Bloomsbury, 2007) by Shannon Hale

Wow, have I found a new favorite author.

Dashti is a poor mucker girl who agrees to be maid for Lady Saren. The kicker is that Lady Saren is being locked in the tower for seven years for refusing to marry the man her father has chosen. Shannon Hale’s words have magically not only put us in the tower with the two girls, but we also see Dashti’s life before. I found this book very difficult to put down from the moment I read the compelling first line.

On Shannon Hale’s website she has some deleted scenes. Don’t read them until after you’ve read the book! But it’s fun to get an insight into her writing process.

P.S. Thanks to Readergirlz for directing me to this book.