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Let Me Finish!

Perfect Picture Book Friday
LetmefinishLet Me Finish! (Disney-Hyperion, 2016) by Minh Lê and illustrated by Isabel Roxas is a delightful book. Haven’t we all felt “Let me finish!” something we’re doing? And especially when we are engrossed in a good book. And who wants to hear spoilers? But that’s what the other characters in this book are doing to the poor boy in this story. At least it shows how many others like reading.
This book makes me laugh each time I read it. Words and illustrations are a great match up, making a better whole than either would alone.
This is Minh Lê’s debut picture book. He also writes about picture books on his blog, Bottom Shelf Books, and as a member of the children’s literature consortium The Niblings on Facebook. Read more about him here.
Isabel Roxas has illustrated five other books. Her bio on twitter makes me laugh: “Picture book Illustrator, designer and magic-bean buyer.” No wonder she could do the humor in this book. Read more about her on her website and you can see some ceramics as well.