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Rhyme Schemer

rhyme schemeRhyme Schemer (Chronicle, 2014) by K.A. Holt is a novel written in verse that will appeal to kids looking for a quick and interesting read. It is also an Amazon Best Book for Kids and Teens, and a Bank Street Best Book of the Year.
Kevin is in seventh grade and he keeps getting in trouble and sent to the principal–sometimes he deserves it, but other times not. He writes in a notebook about his classmates and teachers, and his real trouble starts when his notebook is lost and another student finds it. Now only is Kevin being blackmailed but he’s also being called Poetry Boy. As he says, however, “I’m not a poet.”
Even though the main character, Kevin, is a troublemaker, I found myself sympathizing with him.
I love how author Kari Anne Holt introduces herself in a short poem on the main page of her website. It’s also interesting seeing the variety of books she writes. Plus on her website for this book there’s a Common Core Discussion Guide.