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Counting Thyme

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday
countingthyme.jpgCounting Thyme (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2016) by Melanie Conklin is an uncommon story, although too many kids are experiencing the affects of cancer in their lives. Here’s a brief introduction:
It’s November and eleven-year-old Thyme and her family have moved to New York for a drug trial that might save her little brother, Val. There are great things about being in a new place and new school–such as new classmates not labeling her as “the girl whose five-year-old brother has cancer.” But there’s bad things about not being in San Diego–missing her best friend Shani, her grandmother, her home. The drug trial is supposed to take three months, which is great as Thyme really wants to return home in March to celebrate Shani’s and her own birthday. But life gets more complicated than Thyme or anyone else plans for.
I loved sweet Val, sympathized with Thyme and her parents, and liked this touching story a lot. I hope to see this book win some awards!
On the author’s website there’s the story behind the story, a book trailer and more.