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Focus, shoot! – Flash Burnout and hold still

I don’t know how I happened on two good books that both include photography, but I did. One could almost get an education in photography while enjoying the stories.
FlashBurnoutCoverBlake in Flash Burnout (Houghton Mifflin, 2009) makes me laugh. And since he plans to be a comedian when he grows up, each day Blake counts the number of times he makes people laugh. Shannon, a total babe, is his girlfriend. Marissa is a friend and fellow photographer. Then he shows Marissa a photo of a homeless woman and it’s her mother. He ends up getting involved with Marissa and her problems, which causes jealousy for Shannon.
If you want to find out what happens in this award winning book by L.K. Madigan, you’ll have to read it!
I’m not surprised to discover that L.K. Madigan herself is interested in photography since she included so many wonderful technical details in this story. Check out her website and find out about her upcoming book there, too. She also has encouragement for writers on her site.
Author Nina LaCour’s debut book hold still (Dutton, 2009) is a fascinating look at loss, friendship and photography.
Caitlyn has survived the summer without her best friend and fellow photographer, Ingrid, who committed suicide. Now it’s September and she has to go back to school–surely their photography teacher will understand Caitlyn’s loss, but this one-time friend ignores her. Then Caitlyn discovers the journal Ingrid left behind in her room.
Warning: if the thought of Caitlyn having a lesbian friend is offensive, you’ll want to pass on this book.
Learn more about Nina at She and some other writers have a blog called: Chelsea I want my flannel back, where you are encouraged to submit your own stories.