If a writer begins with theme, the story is likely to be heavy-handed and messagey…the kind of book kids run away from. And I’m running right beside them!
Linda Sue Park

If a writer begins

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Keeping Score

keepingscore.jpgKeeping Score (Clarion 2008) by Linda Sue Park gives a view into the world of Brooklyn in the 1950s.
Maggie, named after Joe DiMaggio, is a Dodger’s Fan along with the rest of her neighborhood. She becomes friends with Jim, the new fireman at the station who is “gasp” a Giant’s fan. When Jim goes off to the Korean conflict, Maggie writes letters and sends him games she’s scored.
But then Jim quits writing back . . .
This book not only kept my attention, but I also felt I learned some history in a very painless fashion.
Linda Sue Park is a Newbery Medalist for A Single Shard. Check out her website to learn more.