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The Truth as Told by Mason Buttle

truthastoldThe Truth as Told by Mason Buttle (Katherine Tegen Books, 2018) by Leslie Connor has such a sympathetic character. I couldn’t wait to find out what had happened.
Mason is the biggest, tallest kid in seventh grade. He also has a sweating problem. And writing is extremely difficult for him. Of course, that means he’s bullied. But Ms. Blinny believes he has stories in him and lets him use a computer that translates his spoken words into text. Maybe Lieutenant Baird can read those printouts and will believe Mason’s oft-told story of what he knows about his friend Benny’s death.
Life gets better with a new funny friend, Calvin. But when Calvin goes missing, the Lieutenant suspects Mason for this too.
The book is a National Book Award Finalist and is on a number of “Best Book” lists for 2018.
Read more about the author here.
I’ve recommended another of her books here.

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All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday
AllRiseI loved All Rise for the Honorable Perry T. Cook (Katherine Tegen Books, 2016) by Leslie Connor! I’d have chosen it for a Newbery award. It’s a heart-wrenching story. I love Perry–I know, I’m gushing.
Perry T. Cook is pretty much a normal eleven-year-old, well, except for the part that he lives in a prison. But he gets to go “outside” to school. And this way he gets to be with his mom every day–she’s a resident on Cell Block C. Until the new district attorney discovers this arrangement at the Blue River Co-ed Correctional Facility and Perry is forced into foster care with the same DA’s family.
This story has a host of interesting characters. Did I say I love Perry?
Leslie Connor writes for Middle Grade readers, younger readers, and for teens. You can be entertained on her website while you check out those other books. I recommend reading her “My Life” page. I’m off to check out more of her books…
But meanwhile, really, read this book!

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crunch.jpgCrunch (Katherine Tegan Books, 2010) by Leslie Connor is one of those books I’ll be rereading again and again. It was very, very good!
14-year-old Dewey and his 5 siblings, ranging in age from 5 to 18, are alone. Mom has gone with Dad on his long haul truck for their 20th anniversary. But what is supposed to be a short trip becomes something else when there’s no fuel. Dewey and younger brother Vince were simply keeping the Mariss Bike Barn going, but now everyone is coming to get bikes repaired. The roads are empty, even the freeway. When will their parents be able to come home?
Don’t miss out on this near future story that also has some mysteries going on!
You can read about the author and her other books on her site, where I learned her favorite treat is dark chocolate. Yumm!