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No Party Poopers

Perfect Picture Book Friday

It’s not out till June, but you’ll want to check out No Party Poopers (little bee books, 2020) by Gretchen McLellan and illustrated by Lucy Semple.

Two friends want to have a party, but everyone bear suggests, panda has an excuse why they shouldn’t be invited. Rhinos? Might pop the balloons. Peacocks? Show offs. Pigs? Hog all the honey buns. PAWSitively no party poopers allowed! But who’s the real party pooper?

Both in text and art this humorous tale will be fun for children and adults. And don’t we all have someone in our lives who finds the negative in everything? I love what bear finally does when panda has turned down every idea. This book could also be used to teach about acceptance and differences.

Check out author Gretchen McLellan’s other books here and read about her here. I love her sense of humor.

Illustrator Lucy Semple is from the UK. Read about her here and check out some of her work here. I love her use of vibrant colors.

Click on the publisher’s link to see some inside spreads.

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Caveboy Crush

Perfect Picture Book Friday

Caveboy Crush (Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2019) by Beth Ferry and illustrated by Joseph Kuefler is a darling picture book. I love the humor.

Neander is a cave boy who has a crush on the perfect girl. He tries to impress her, but unfortunately Neanne thinks his crushing is crazy. Until…

Well, you’ll have to read it yourself.

Author Beth Ferry has many other books which you can read about here including two new ones coming out this year. Read about her here.

Illustrator Joseph Kuefler is a writer as well. See his books here. But children’s books are his side job. Read more here.

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A Hippy-Hoppy Toad

Perfect Picture Book Friday
Hippy-Hoppy ToadA Hippy-Hoppy Toad (Schwartz & Wade, 2018) by Peggy Archer and illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf is a delightful picture book that makes me smile.
Toad is on a teeter-totter twig in the middle of the road, when SNAP he goes flying and lands in a tree. Along his journey he meets a bird, a bee, a cricket, a dog, a lizard, the wind, and a shoe, then ends up back where he started.
The rhyme and rhythm work well. That and the alliteration make for a great read-aloud.
The illustrations are so much fun. I love the toad’s expressions and the leaves are beautiful. Watch for the additional creatures only in the images.
The book won the 2019 Indiana Early Literacy Firefly Award, and is a Junior Library Guild Selection.
Author Peggy Archer writes picture books and board books. Read about her here. Take note of her poetry journey. You can follow Peggy on Twitter here.
Illustrator Anne Wilsdorf has illustrated many books in both English and French. See all her books here. Anne lives in Switzerland.

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Business Pig

Perfect Picture Book Friday
BusinessPigBusiness Pig (Sterling Children’s Books, 2018) by Andrea Zuill is a darling book.
Everyone notices their something different about Jasper when he is born. Not only doesn’t he fit in with the rest of the pigs, he continues on a different path. Therefore, when Jasper wants to be adopted he goes about it in a unique way.
I love the humor in the artwork that adds to the humorous text. The book has something for both kids and adults to enjoy.
This is author/illlustrator Andrea Zuill’s fourth book.
Sweety.jpgHer newest book, Sweety, about a naked mole rat, comes out from Schwartz & Wade this month.
Read about Andrea here or follow her on Twitter here.

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Wordy Birdy

Perfect Picture Book Friday
WordyBirdyWordy Birdy (‚ÄčDoubleday Books for Young Readers, 2018) by Tammi Sauer and illustrated by Dave Mottram is a funny picture book. And it reminds me so much of one of my daughters when she was three because she didn’t stop talking!
Wordy Birdy doesn’t know she has a problem. Her problem is not listening because she’s too busy talking. But an almost disaster makes her aware of how she needs to listen, and in the end she finds she likes to listen. Don’t miss reading the end flaps and see who else is excited to be in the book…
This book has been put on many “Best Book” lists that you can see on the author’s site. Tammi is a well-published picture book author (as well as a very nice lady). You can see all her books here.
I love Dave Motram’s illustrations and sense of humor. I liked his about page, too! You can see other samples of his work here.

WordyBirdy_Cougarpants_CoverAnd there’s a sequel coming out in February!
I love the expression on the cougar’s face and can’t wait to see what is in store for us in Wordy Birdy Meets Mr. CougarPants. The title alone makes me smile.

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