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Chasing Secrets

Chasing SecretsAnd another historical for you: Chasing Secrets (Wendy Lamb Books, 2015) by Gennifer Choldenko, who never disappoints. I still remember crying over Notes from a Liar and Her Dog.
It’s 1900 in San Francisco and thirteen-year-old Lizzie Kennedy would rather be with her physician father than going to Miss Barstow’s finishing school. And even though Aunt Hortense doesn’t think it is appropriate she is interested in science, Lizzie goes whenever she can. But dead rats are appearing everywhere. Could the plague have arrived?
Besides secrets, the story involves mysteries, sneaking around, a new friend, danger, and more. Lizzie even learns a thing or two.
Check out Gennifer’s stupid author photos here or see her other books here. You’ll be glad you did.

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Dad and the Dinosaur

Perfect Picture Book Friday
dadanddinosaur.jpgDad and the Dinosaur (G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 2017) by Gennifer Choldenko and illustrated by Dan Santat was “just right.” It was sweet, had humor, a problem and solution, and a happy ending.
Nicholas is afraid of the dark, but his dad is not afraid of anything. Nicholas tries to be brave like his dad, but needs help. Big help. He needs a dinosaur. “When Little Nick had his dinosaur in his pocket, he was just as brave as Big Nick.” But what happens when Nicholas’ dinosaur is lost?
I love the relationship between Nicholas and his dad.
If you aren’t familiar with author Gennifer Choldenko, don’t forget to check out her wonderful middle grade books, too. You can find them here along with 5 other picture books.
Dan Santat is a prolific illustrator and an author himself, too. Look at his long list of picture books, chapter books and graphic novels here.

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No Passengers Beyond This Point

What Happened?!
no-passengers.jpgNo Passengers Beyond This Point (Dial Books for Young Readers, 2011) by Gennifer Choldenko is a fantasy that makes you wonder along with the characters.
It starts out when Finn, his older sister India and his younger sister nicknamed Mouse are sent off to live with their Uncle Red because Mom has lost the house. But instead of getting to Colorado, they end up at this strange place called Falling Bird. They can become citizens, or Finn could work for Sparky, or go on to Uncle Red’s. What should they do? Each has a different opinion.
The story is told in multiple viewpoints. I like what happens with all the characters, but confess that Finn is my favorite.
I’ve been a Gennifer Choldenko fan for years, so knew I was getting something good when I got this book. Check out her other books here.