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Firstborn (Blink, 2014) by Lorie Ann Grover grabbed me by the throat right from the start with young Tiadone witnessing a Madronian priest taking a “useless” firstborn female from her R’tan parents. The baby will die. Tiadone hadn’t believed the stories, but now he knows it’s true. And it would have happened to him if his parents hadn’t declared her male at birth.
How could you not read on after that?
This is author Lorie Ann Grover’s first fantasy novel, which received a Kirkus Starred Review. Watch the book trailer here.
More importantly read why Lorie Ann wrote this novel: “The impetus for Firstborn was an article I read on gendercide. Appalled that the atrocity continues today, I funneled my anger into writing this novel. My hope is that through the power of story, awareness and action against gendercide will increase. The United Nations estimates that there are 200 million girls missing today. You can read more about gendercide and take action at or”
Lorie Ann has 3 previous novels in verse published. Read about them on her website.