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Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

fetching.jpg8th grade Olivia has been comparing the groups of kids at her middle school to the dog breeds she’s familiar with. And it’s hysterical. But when the tormentors go too far and the assistant to the assistant principal won’t even listen to her complaint, Olivia has to serve her own justice. But will she go too far herself?
Fetching (Disney – Hyperion, 2011) by Kiera Stewart is a very well written, very funny book. I love the extra text on the cover: Middle School. Unleashed. It’s so appropriate. Any kid going in to middle school, in middle school, or who has been in middle school will recognize the setting of this book.
This is author Kiera Stewart’s first book, but she has another she sold this March. It’s titled: How To Break a Heart. I can’t wait. You should really check out her website–I love the middle school hall look to it. Plus, you’ll enjoy reading Kiera’s bio–she’s even funny there!