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Your Amazing Skin from Outside In

AmazingSkinYour Amazing Skin from Outside In (Atheneum Books for Young Readers, 2018) by Joanne Settel, PhD, and illustrated by Bonnie Timmons is a fun factual book about skin and why it does all the good and weird things it does.
The book is told in rhyme which flows well and is matched by humorous illustrations. Kids (and adults) can learn why they get pimples and goosebumps, sunburns, their skin color, and a lot more.
I think my favorite page of text is the one discussing layers and layers of skin and how they are shed. A portion of it says,
“These cells are tiny, small, and thin.
You’ll never see them leave your skin.
But actually, they’re everywhere.
They make the dust that fills the air.”
I love so many of the illustrations, it’s hard to pick one, but the spread with someone who is green is especially fun.
There are bonus facts about animal skin too.
Dr. Settle has written other science books for children. Read more about her and her other books here.
Read about author/illustrator Bonnie Timmons here–I can see why she was selected to do this book just from her bio.
Each time I pick this book up, I find myself smiling.