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Every Day After

everydayafter.jpgLizzie Hawkin’s Daddy tells her she was born to succeed. Is it true or not? Hard for her to believe it with him gone. At first, eleven-year-old Lizzie keeps herself going ’cause she knows she has to make her daddy proud. But with all the work she’s having to do to take care of her mama and feed the two of them, her grades are beginning to tumble. And because of the newcomer who stole her best friend, the walls surrounding her secret will, too.
Every Day After (Delacorte Press, 2013) by Laura Golden is a historical novel set in the Depression Era. The story was inspired by family events as is her forthcoming book, Standing Tall on Mulberry Hill. Both books are set in Alabama.
One of the things I enjoyed about this book was Lizzie learning to see herself more clearly.
There’s a lovely book trailer here.