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Once Upon a Marigold

MarigoldThe cover of Once Upon a Marigold calls itself “part comedy, part love story, part everything-but-the-kitchen-sink” and it’s true.  Jean Ferris puts us in a world of trolls, tooth fairies, and a forest where “there were dangers when the lights went out.”  There’s a crystal cave.  The commoner who falls in love with the princess.  The princess with a birth gift that backfired.  An evil enemy.  Loyal supporters.  An inventor.  P-mail.  Secrets revealed.  Past mysteries solved.  A quest for the ODD medal.

The story has amusing lines like this one about Edric, the troll:  “Then he . . . settled down with his briar pipe and the book of Greek myths.  Nothing like a little fratricide, patricide, matricide, and infanticide to send a fellow right off to sleep.  This book won’t put you to sleep, but it may make you laugh out loud.


Jean Ferris has written many other books, which now I have to check out.  Go to her website at to learn more about her and her writing.