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Carrying Mason

carryingmason.jpgCarrying Mason (ZonderKidz, 2011) by Joyce Magnin was a touching story with a strong female lead. It’s also a historical novel set in the late 1950s.
Thirteen-year-old Luna has lost her best friend Mason. She really wants to help carry his casket, despite her daddy saying only men are pall bearers. After the funeral, Luna realizes more needs carrying–Mason’s mother. Luna is brave, caring, and fortunately, stubborn enough to resist Aunt Sapphire.
I love what Joyce says about this book on her website: “I wrote Carrying Mason because I wanted to deal with a child who needed and wanted to be challenged and to go against conventional wisdom in order to discover just how strong she really was. Carrying Mason deals with death and loss but that is not the focal point of the story. Luna’s journey to adulthood is the point.”
Booklist said about this book, “Delivers a positive message about standing up for those who cannot advocate for themselves.” Don’t miss it.
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