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One of 75 finalists

top75writingaward_fin_125x125.gifIt was exciting to become one of eCollegeFinder’s Top 75 Writing blogs! My website is listed on their site as a student resource on this page. I don’t know how they found the nominees for this award. One day I just received notice that my site had been nominated. Each of the nominees was asked to describe the blog and answer this question: “What advice can you offer students aiming to improve their writing acumen?”
Then eCollegeFinder posted the finalists’ answers and had a voting period to determine the top 3. They got so many votes it overwhelmed their system and they had to do some technical scrambling to get their site back up!
The top winner is someone I follow myself! Miss Snark’s First Victim by Authoress. She deserves the number one spot!
Number 2 is A Writer’s Life with Liz Fielding and number 3 is Unwritten by Mysti Parker.
Here are the other 71. Of these, I’m only providing links to the sites specifically by or for children’s and YA writers (or blogs about those type of books). It’s not that I dislike adult writers, it’s just that my blog focuses on writing for children and teens. To see the other links, go to the eCollegeFinder’s link above. From what I can discern, all the blogs are from the US or the UK.
Alex J. Cavanaugh
All Things Writerly – A Blog
Anne R. Allen’s Blog with Ruth Harris
Author Julie Cohen
Author’s Echo
Blog of Horror Author Matt Nord
Bob Sanchez: Writing, Reading, and a Bit of Travel
Book Chase
Charmalot Chronicles
Clifton Hill – Writer. Artist. Head thoroughly lodged in the clouds.
Cornflower Books
Country Lite
D.J. Kirkby
Daily Dodo
David Powers King
Diane Fordham
Donna Newton’s Blog
Elizabeth Baines
Ella’s Edge
Fabulosity Reads
Fish Publishing
Fonts and Fiction
Glynis Smy – Writer
Helena’s London Life
In Time
Janet Sumner Johnson: Musings of a Children’s Writer
Janice Horton
Jean Bull’s Writing Blog
Jessica Hart: Writing Romance Around The World
Kaye Manro
L’Aussie Writer
Lexi Revellian: my writing and other related matters
Literary MacGregor – an agent’s site
Medeia Sharif
Melissa’s Imaginarium
My Journal
Mystery Writing is Murder
Mythik Imagination
N. R. Williams, The Writing Craft
Non-Fiction Chronicles of a Fiction-Filled Life
Not Only In Thailand
Paris Breakfast
Patsy Collins
Rach Writes
Rachel Morgan Writes
Rachna’s Scriptorium
Reading and Writing
Shallee McArthur
Silver’s Reviews
Sometimes, the Wheel is on Fire
Steven Chapman (writer)
Tara Bradford Writing and Photography
The Alliterative Allomorph
The Book Addict
The Eagle’s Aerial Perspective
The Girdle of Melian
The Leaky Pencil
The Paperback Pursuer
The Writing Bug
This Writer’s Life
Thoughts in Progress
Untroubled Kingdom
Write Now
Write Up the Hill
Writing for Woman’s World Magazine
Writing to the Edge of Darkness
However, although this could be a good resource, and you may find some sites to follow, remember if you are reading many blogs on a regular basis, make sure you reserve time to write!