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The Fire Sermon

thefiresermon.jpgThe Fire Sermon (Gallery Books, 2015) by Francesca Haig is a book that grabs one from the opening line:
“I’d always thought they would come for me at night, but it was the hottest part of the day when the six men rode onto the plain.”
It’s the story of Cass and her twin Zach. She’s an Omega and he’s an Alpha. Although she’s managed to hide her mutation way longer than most Omegas. Usually, deformities are obvious–missing or extra arm, blindness, deafness and Omega children are taken away after they are weaned. But one in a thousand of the twins, always a boy and girl pair, is a seer. Cass has nightmares of fire and later daytime visions, but has copied the behavior of her twin so as to not appear different. But now at thirteen she’s been caught and is being taken away. Her family won’t have have the shame of unsplit twins any longer. Although, Zach will never be free of her–what one twin feels, an illness or an injury, the other does. Including death.
This story is action-packed and is the first book in a post-apocalyptic trilogy. I look forward to reading the other books.
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