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Across the Universe

across-the-universe.jpgStep on board the spaceship, Godspeed, after you’ve experienced the horror of the freezing process with 17-year-old Amy in the best selling debut book Across the Universe (Penguin/Razorbill , 2011) by Beth Revis. The first in a trilogy, not only is it scifi, but there’s mystery and romance.
Amy, and her parents, should wake in 300 years, however, she’s been awakened 50 years early. It’s not an accident or a malfunction. Could someone have meant to kill her? And will they kill her parents? She has to protect them as she learns about this odd shipboard society where she’s a misfit simply for her red hair.
You’ll also get to walk with the lone teen, Elder, who is being trained to take over the leadership from Eldest. He’s attracted to this strange girl Amy, and he’s finding out very disturbing things about Eldest and the ship.
Then after you read the book, you can explore the ship on the website and explore the author’s site where you can find out about the making of the book and more.
Beth Revis has created a fascinating society. I’m really looking forward to the next book from this imaginative author!