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AfterAfter (Viking Juvenile, 2009) by Amy Efaw is an unforgettable powerful story. At times it feels unbelievable, yet you know it’s all possible. The author obviously did research for this novel. (There’s extra info about Safe Haven in the book and on her site.)
Here’s a brief introduction to After: 15-year-old Devon Davenport is arrested for killing her newborn baby, but she doesn’t remember anything about it. And, it can’t be true, since she was never pregnant.
I’d recommend this eye-opening story to anyone who has trouble understanding, or sympathizing, with someone who has done something wrong. It is now available in paperback as well as hardcover.
On her website Author Amy Efaw has background info for this novel. That includes newspaper articles she created for the story. You’ll also see that she has other works, which I need to check out!