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A Little More Beautiful

Perfect Picture Book Friday

A Little More Beautiful (Waxwing Books, 2023) by Sarah Mackenzie and illustrated by Breezy Brookshire is a sweet book not just for kids. Gardeners would enjoy it too.

An old lady named Lou Alice, who is as “sly as a fox and swift as a bird” decides “to leave each day more beautiful than she found it.” When she offers to plant a garden at the town hall, she’s told it’s too much work for her. So Lou Alice plants at night under the light of the moon. When the garden grows the town hall workers don’t know why but they feel happier than before. Then Lou Alice moves away. No one really notices, except for one little girl, who takes on Lou Alice’s mission of making the world more beautiful.

Author Sarah has created The Read-Aloud Revival encouraging homeschooling parents to read to their kids. There’s a bonus of a very popular bi-weekly podcast. See her other books here.

Read about illustrator Breezy here and check out her portfolio too. She also has an Etsy shop.

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One thought on “A Little More Beautiful

  1. Beautiful recommendation, Sue. Reminds me a wee bit of Miss Rumphius, which, despite publishing convention that the MC must be the readers’ age, was a favorite at our home.

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