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I Can Make this Promise

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

To start out the year I have the wonderful I Can Make this Promise (Heartdrum, 2019) by Christine Day. I was hooked right from the beginning. Plus I learned some horrible practices that happened in the past.

12-year-old Edie always gets questions such as “What are you? Where are you from?” She has no good answer. She knows her mother is Native American but due to an adoption by a white family doesn’t know from where or what tribe. And her father’s white American. One day Edie and her friends find a box hidden in the attic that has an old photo of a woman who looks just like Edie. There are letters too. Why have her parents been keeping her ancestry a secret?

This book is an American Indian Youth Literature Award Honor Book and has been chosen for a number of lists. It was also the author’s debut novel.

Read about Christine here and check out her other books here.

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13 thoughts on “I Can Make this Promise

  1. Love learning more about Native American families. When I was a SLMS, we wavered between Native American and American Indian ( the name of the museum in Washington, DC) as well as labeling “tribes” or “cultural groups.” Tried to not offend anyone. Read Angeline Bouilley ‘s second book after FIREKEEPER’S DAUGHTER this fall. WARRIOR GIRL UNEARTHED was another eye opener for YA readers.
    Thanks for your review, Susan.

  2. This sounds like a book I would really like. My husband was adopted, and trying to find out about his heritage was a many-years quest. Thanks for telling me about this book.

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