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By the Light of Fireflies

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

By the Light of Gireflies : a novel of war hero Sybil Ludington (Wyatt-McKenzie Publishing, 2021) by Jenni L. Walsh is a fun historical about a little known heroine. (And has such a gorgeous cover.)

Sybil is the oldest of eight children and dearly wants to be more than a farmer’s wife. When her papa and his men need help to fight the Loyalists (loyal to King George), Sybil and her sister help the spy ring and Sybil makes a night ride longer and farther than her hero Paul Revere.

This is a fascinating story that builds on the basics known about Sybil. The novel is a Publishers Weekly BookLife Editors Pick.

Jenni is a storyteller of women throughout history. She writes for adults and middle grade readers. Read about her here and check out her other books here.

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16 thoughts on “By the Light of Fireflies

  1. This sounds like one I would love to read. I love historical fiction and I did know about Sybil. I researched a lot of Revolutionary War women before I wrote my PB, Call Me Betsy, about Betsy Ross. Thanks for telling us about it.

  2. I hadn’t heard of Sybil Ludington before, and it sounds like her story has been adapted into a compelling novel here! Thanks so much for the wonderful post, Sue!

  3. I *LOVE* historical novels, though I have found too many that are written through a contemporary mindset to be less historical and more a re-writing of history, as in “fixing it” to suit how we think now. I hope BY THE LIGHT OF FIREFLIES (beautiful title) is cognizant of this and relays a time appropriate mind set for its characters.

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