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The Girl Who Could Not Dream

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

The Girl Who Could Not Dream (Clarion Books, 2015) by Sarah Beth Durst was very enjoyable. It has such a fun concept: dreams can be bought and sold. I love the opening line, “Sophie had only ever stolen one dream.”

Sophie’s best friend is a sweet monster, with iridescent fur, tentacles, sharp teeth, who talks. She brought him out of a dream when she was six. Now Monster and her new friend Ethan help Sophie when her parents go missing and their shop’s dreams are all stolen.

You’ll meet funny and scary characters in this adventure, plus be introduced to interesting machinery that processes dreams. Get a sneak preview here.

Sarah Beth Durst writes for kids, teens, and adults. She’s one prolific author! On her website you can choose a category of her books to see what they are. Read about Sarah here.

Previously I recommended a later book of Sarah’s, Spark. It was good, but I like this one even better.

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14 thoughts on “The Girl Who Could Not Dream

  1. That is a fun opening line and I really like the cover. Is the cover you have for the paperback as the hardcover one seems to be different? Happy MMGM to you

  2. This sounds like such a fun and intriguing story, Susan! I appreciate you bringing it to my attention. Have a great reading week!

  3. I’m reminded of the notions of stealing ideas, i.e., thoughts. How clever. Almost tempted to think up a story titled The Girl who couldn’t NOT Dream…
    Another good pointer from you.

  4. I loved this novel! And I agree that it was better than Spark. Durst is a great author who writes such different books: I’m always eager to see what she’s written next.

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