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I, Cosmo

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Who says a dog can’t learn new tricks?

I, Cosmo (Nosy Crow, 2019) by Carlie Sorosiak is such a sweet story! And funny, too.

Cosmo is getting older, but he needs to help his boy, so the thirteen-year-old dog is willing to train to be in a dance contest with his master. Max is worried his parents will separate and he and Cosmo might be separated. He thinks a canine dance contest will remind his family of the good memories and they’ll stay together. But Charlie’s arthritis is getting worse. Will they succeed?

Told from the dog’s viewpoint, there are many things that confuse Cosmo, but he is strong in his love for Max. This story could be very helpful for middle grade readers experiencing the breakup of their own families. But any animal lover will enjoy the book.

Read about all of the animal-loving author’s other books here–she writes for children and young adults. Meet Carlie here.

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11 thoughts on “I, Cosmo

  1. I loved this story. If I ever had time to reread books, this one would be high on that list. Cosmo is such a great character, and this is a terrific story. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Looking into a dog’s eyes, I wish I could (if only for a minute) see what they see. Alas, we are left with good fiction to get as close as we’ll get to this experience. Love I, Cosmo <3

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