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Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

This book is for the big girls. And for those who need to understand how hurtful words can be. And for those needing more love.

Starfish (Nancy Paulsen Books, 2021) by Lisa Fipps is so well written.

This novel-in-verse is such a heart-wrenching believable story of Ellie who is often called Splash or Whale. It felt so true I found myself getting angry at Ellie’s mother. Why doesn’t she stop Ellie’s siblings from teasing her? Why doesn’t she see her daughter’s strengths? But with help Ellie learns how to speak up not only to bullies at school but to her own mother.

And I’m not alone in thinking this book is great. Go here to see all the Best Book lists it’s being put on.

This is the author’s debut novel. Can’t wait to see what else she writes. Read about Lisa here. (I enjoyed her sense of humor!)

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6 thoughts on “Starfish

  1. I’ve seen so many good reviews of this one but haven’t had the time to slot it in for a read through myself. Thanks for your thoughts and the reminder I need to get with it and read this before year’s end.

  2. I read this book a while back, and it is truly brilliant, I agree! It’s definitely a painful read, but knowing it’s based on Lisa Fipps’s own experiences makes me think it was definitely worthwhile, considering how real this stuff actually is. Thanks so much for the great review, Susan!

  3. I love this book too. It really moved me. I was ready to throttle the mother more times than I could imagine. It was such a beautifully written book. I ‘m glad you are spreading the word. Thanks for your thoughts.

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