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One Day Virtual Write-In

Our 8 member writing group has once or twice yearly writing retreats. We enjoy time together, eat together, and get lots of work done. We make it affordable by staying at someone’s house (or cabin) with everyone bringing food. We share in cooking and cleanup. This year our scheduled retreat was in May. Obviously Covid-19 canceled that.

We rescheduled for July. This time instead of totally cancelling, we agreed on a substitute–a virtual write-in. If it goes well, we will probably repeat.

I thought our schedule might be of interest to others.


8:30am              meet via Zoom
– PJs welcome.
– Bring a cup of coffee or tea, maybe a pastry or an egg, or some fruit.
– While we eat, we chat.
– Each one shares what project they will be working on this morning.

12noon            meet via Zoom
– Chat for a half hour.
– Then eat your own lunch and return to work.

4:00pm            meet via Zoom
– Talk about your day’s progress.
– Play game.

Children’s book question game:

  • All of us prepare a few children’s book related questions ahead of time.
  • Whoever raises their hand first and answers correctly gets a point. If no one guesses, the asker gets a point.
  • On to the next person until everyone has had a chance to ask three questions. (Prepare a few more in case someone uses yours!)
  • The winner gets a big hurrah from all of us.

In addition, the Zoom “room” will be open all day.

  • If someone wants to chat with someone for a bit, they could get on and see if anyone else is on.
  • Or text someone and ask them to meet.

We may decide to meet back after dinner and share some work for critique, or wait for our next Zoom critique meeting.

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3 thoughts on “One Day Virtual Write-In

  1. Let us know how it goes. We’re all learning how to make adjustments. Some turn out better than others, but we’ve had a rapid and steep learning curve.

      1. I almost forgot to report back in. It was a really fun and fruitful day.

        Our writing day went very well. Everyone got lots accomplished. One participant couldn’t believe how fast the morning went and wondered how the rest of us had managed to be on time for the noon meeting (set alarms on our phones). We added two short master class videos to watch at lunch. Our game taught us things and made us laugh. We did not meet back up after dinner as everyone was tired.

        But we did schedule our next virtual write-in. Everyone is looking forward to it!

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