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Dog Driven

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Dog Driven (Houghton Mifflin Books for Children, 2019) by Terry Lynn Johnson is quite the scary adventure.

It’s risky enough for any teen to participate in the Canadian Great Superior Mail Run dog race, but for fourteen-year-old McKenna, who has hidden her deteriorating sight from her family, it could mean death for her and her dogs. But she is determined to win this race to encourage her younger sister Emma in her battle with Stargardt, an eye disease. Afterwards, she’ll tell her parents about her vision problems. And maybe she can help eight-year-old Emma gain some independence, too.

The author puts you right on the trail with McKenna and her dogs so you hear and feel what’s going on. As I said above, it’s scary to see what McKenna risks, but her determination is believable. Plus there are letters from the late 1800s about this mail run that increase the tension of the story.

Earlier I recommended her award winning book, Ice Dogs. I missed reading Falcon Wild, which I need to catch up with. Her newest book, is Rescue at Lake Wild–coming soon. Read about Terry Lynn Johnson here.

Note: Dog Driven is aimed at ages ten to sixteen according to the publisher.

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9 thoughts on “Dog Driven

  1. I really enjoyed Dog Driven and everything else Terry writes. Glad to see it being given more book love. Like you, I haven’t read Falcon Wild, and want to. Thanks for the reminder and the heads up on her new upcoming series.

  2. I never had a dog, (always cats) but reading good dog stories is a vicarious way to have them in my life. Thank you for the recommendation, as always.

    1. We’ve had dogs and really miss our last one who died last fall. I also love cats and hope to have another one soon–they ARE easier than dogs.

  3. My students have had two guests come and talk about the Iditarod and other dog sled races- so they love to read books on this topic. This sounds like a book I need to order for my library. Thanks for sharing!

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