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Saint Anything

Saint Anything (Viking, 2015) by Sarah Dessen was written for “all the invisible girls.” I definitely felt like one in high school, though nothing like this main character.

Sydney’s older brother is the focus of the family. She’s used to not being seen. So when her brother makes the news in a bad way, Sydney decides to change schools where she can go back to being anonymous. But will starting over help her sadness?

This book is SO good. The author really made me feel for Sydney. I enjoyed other characters. Definitely disliked a few, too. The ending was very satisfying.

Sarah Dessen is a #1 New York Times Bestselling author. Check out her books here.

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4 thoughts on “Saint Anything

  1. I also felt like an invisible girl too. Although I’m starting to think that might just have been that stage of life. This sounds like an interesting read and the cover is beautiful too!

    1. It could be that stage of life to one degree or another. It helps us to know others felt the same way. Isn’t that why we write?

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