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Orphan Island

Marvelous Middle Grade Monday

Orphan Island (Walden Pond Press, 2017) by Laurel Snyder is an unusual tale that had me asking so many questions.

Nine orphan children live on the island. And every year, on one specific day, a boat comes. Inside the boat is a new orphan who is here to stay. The oldest orphan on the island gets in the boat and it leaves. None of them know how the boat works.

Jinny doesn’t want the Change to happen. She doesn’t feel ready to become the Elder, to lose Deen who has been her constant companion, to take up her Care–the newest orphan. Why do they have to follow the rules anyway?

I think you’ll find the story fascinating as I did. It’s an award winner–see all the details on the author’s site.

Laurel Snyder is a middle grade and picture book author. You can read about her here and check out all her books here.

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6 thoughts on “Orphan Island

  1. I have read reviews of this book, but it’s about time I check it out! It really sounds intriguing and full of suspense. I can only imagine what happens.

  2. Oh, my. This sounds like a terrific book. I love the mystery of it and why the kids feel they have to follow the rule of the boat. Thanks for telling me about it. I’ll be looking for it.

  3. Your summery evokes what elementary school feels like when you begin: you’ll be here for years, and leave when aging out… What an interesting metaphor for many life stages.

  4. This sounds so intriguing… I hadn’t heard about this book so thank you for bringing it to my attention. One more to add to the ever-expanding “gotta read this!” list.

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