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Family Game Night and Other Catastrophes

Family Game NightFamily Game Night and Other Catastrophes (Scholastic Press, 2017) by Mary E. Lambert was such a heart-wrenching book for me. I didn’t grow up like this main character did, but have some family members who were close to it. The story was very believable.
Annabelle won’t let any friends within five miles of her house–because she doesn’t want anyone to see how they live. Her mother is a hoarder. And Dad won’t do anything about it. Her little sister is frightened at what could happen (she has a horrifying folder of hoarder articles) and their older brother just escapes all the time. What can Annabelle do to help her broken family?
This is a good story for anyone who has been embarrassed by their own family.
Click here to read the frequently asked questions about this story. I also enjoyed reading Mary’s personal story here.
I hope we see more books from Mary.

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