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Front Desk

Front DeskFront Desk (Arthur A. Levine Books, 2018) by Kelly Yang is a book I wish everyone could read. (Especially those who take what they have for granted…)

Mia Tang’s parents told her that America was this amazing place. But so far, no house, no dog, and very little money.

Ten-year-old Mia doesn’t want the kids at school to know where she lives–a motel, but better than when they lived in their car. She does like working the front desk. And making new friends. Although she wishes she could speak native English. And write it, too.

But Mr. Yao, the motel owner, is making it harder and harder on her parents. Will they all have to move and find jobs yet again?

Front Desk was named a “Best Book” many times over. See them all here.

Read the real story behind this wonderful story.

Besides being a children’s author, Kelly is a journalist and educator. Read more here.

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