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The Wizard’s Dog

wizard'sdogIf you like dogs, humor, and magic (or at least two of the three), then The Wizard’s Dog (Crown Books for Young Readers, 2017) by Eric Kahn Gale is the book for you.
The story is told from Nosewise’s viewpoint. (He’s the dog.) His master, the Wizard Merlin, and his pack mate Morgana, keep shutting him out of the study. He knows that Morgana is the favorite pet, but why is she allowed in when he isn’t? One day Nosewise has had enough at being left out and barks and claws at the door. Morgana thinks it should be okay for him to be in the room, so Merlin gives in. Watching Morgana work on a spell, Nosewise wants to learn more tricks than sit! and stay!. When Merlin is kidnapped, it’s a good thing Nosewise is not only interested in magic, but wants to get his master back.
The story made me laugh so often as I read and makes me smile just to think about it again. I also love the front cover and the spot illustrations by Dave Phillips.
You can watch a trailer for the book here.
This is the author’s third book and was inspired by his own dog, Bowser. Read more about Eric and his other books here.

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