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Hello, Universe

hello universeHello, Universe by Erin Entrada Kelly is the 2018 Newbery Medal winner and such a fun read. I loved the multiple viewpoints and how the characters are brought together despite their aloneness.
First, we meet shy Virgil Salinas, whose own family doesn’t seem to understand his quietness. He feels “like unbuttered toast standing next to them.” And they call him Turtle. Only his grandmother, newly from the Philippines, seems to get him.
Next up is Valencia Somerset who is struggling with a repetitive nightmare where she is all alone. She’s adopted a dog who lives in the woods and sneaks off to feed him.
Then we meet Kaori Tanaka, with her powers of second sight and her younger sister, Gen, who helps her out preparing for clients.
And, of course, there’s the bully–Chet Bullens–aka the Bull–who plays an important role in this story of young middle schoolers on summer break.
Each character was unique and interesting, and yet so identifiable. Except for the bully, of course.
This is Erin’s third book. Go here to read about the rest of them.

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