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The Traitor’s Kiss

traitor'skissI *loved* The Traitor’s Kiss (Imprint, Macmillan, 2017) by Erin Beaty. A strong and smart heroine, a matchmaker, future brides, soldiers and spies, intrigue, danger, lies–this fantasy has it all. I really do love a story that keeps me guessing.
Sage Fowler does not want to be a lady. She does not want to go to the matchmaker for a “suitable” marriage. And she’s got the temper to share those facts. But what’s a girl without parents to do? She becomes the matchmakers apprentice which leads her to go on a bridal trip with a bunch of other girls and the soldiers guarding them. However, no one in their party knows that nefarious schemes are going on behind the scenes that could put the whole kingdom at risk.
This was author Erin Beaty’s debut novel–and you should really read her humorous bio here.
traitor'sruinPlus, I’m excited to say a sequel The Traitor’s Ruin is coming out in July! Woo hoo! And on her blog, Erin says she’s working on book three of the trilogy.
Read more about both books here.

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