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insignia.jpgInsignia (Katherine Tegen Books, 2012) by S.J. Kincaid has the flavor of Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card.
Teen Tom Raines doesn’t know what a real family is like. He and his father flit from place to place depending on whether his dad still has money from gambling or not. That’s why Tom has taken on gambling himself with virtual reality games–he likes having food to eat and a nice place to sleep.
But someone has been watching. Tom is recruited for the military in the new way of fighting–virtually. He loves his new life, however, it’s not sure who will mess it up first, Tom, his father, or his stepfather.
This book is the first in a trilogy. I’ve ordered the second book, Vortex, and am sure I’ll read the third, Catalyst, after that.
You can see my recommendation of the author’s book The Diabolic here. It’s what got me looking at the S.J. Kincaid’s other books. Her website is here.

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