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The Someday Suitcase

someday_suitcase.jpgThe Someday Suitcase (Katherine Tegan Books, 2017) by Corey Ann Haydu is a touching story of friendship and loss.
Clover and Danny are like two sides of a coin. The pair are always together. They laugh and have good times; they help each other with their strengths. When in fifth grade science class, Clover learns about symbiosis, she’s sure that’s the perfect description for her and Danny. When Danny gets sick with a mysterious illness, only Clover can make him feel better. Clover’s sure she’s the one that will find a cure for him, too, but no one believes her as Danny gets weaker and weaker.
And, yes, the snow globe on the front of the book has a special significance.
I look forward to seeing what awards this book wins.
Corey Ann writes for teens and children–check out her books here. She shares her teenage diaries here on the blog “What My Former Self Can Tell Me Now.”

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