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Resources for Writing for Children’s Magazines

Resources for Writing for Children's Magazines
“5 Reasons Novelists Should Write & Publish Short Stories” by Chuck Sambuchino
“7 Online Magazines for Kids That Are Worth a Read” by Saikat Basu
“Best Magazines for Kids Who Love Getting Mail as Much as We Do” by Mary Fetzer
“The Christian Children’s Market: A Place for Beginning Writers” by Marcia Laycock – although dated, it has good info
“Creating Characters for Children’s Magazines” – ICL Podcast
“Magazines for Kids” (online)
“Tips for Breaking Into Children’s Writing Through Magazines” by Mary Lou Carney
“Top 10 Kids Magazines” – these are the ones it will probably be more difficult to break into
“Top Ten Writing Mistakes Made By New Children’s Writers” by Suzanne Lieurance
“Writing Children’s Nonfiction for Magazines – Mistakes to Avoid”
“Writing for Children’s Magazines” by Eugie Foster
“Writing for Teen Magazines” (nonfiction) by Ursula Furi-Perry
“Writing for the Christian Children’s Market” – Guest Interview with Author Kathleen Muldoon
The following are links to relevant posts I wrote on this blog:
“Do You Remember?” (writing for teen magazines)
“Is That Right?” (magazine rights)
“Keeping Track” (of submissions)
“Magazine Story or Picture Book”
“Nonfiction Writing” – includes more resources
“On the Hunt for Ideas”
“Professional Problem Maker”
“Selling Photos to Magazines”
“Swift Fiction: The Short Story in Focus”
“Theme List Tactics”
Magazine Markets for Children’s Writers – buy the current year here
Markets for Children’s Writers – databases separated into children and teens and paying and nonpaying
Writing for Children’s Magazines, An Ezine – quarterly – plus info about whether magazines are open or closed and links to guidelines

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